In Kurume, which prospered as a rubber industry town with the production of Jika-tabi,

I have been making shoes for a long time.

The shoes produced at Kurume's own factory have the technology cultivated over a long history.

The experience is alive. Since its founding in 1873, we have been aiming for comfortable shoes for each person.

With confidence and pride in making serious shoes that we have continued to this day

We will continue to make "MADE IN KURUME" shoes. ..

Vulcanize manufacturing method (vulcanization manufacturing method) that can be produced in only a few factories in Japan.

The shoes produced by this method have a supple and soft sole.

It is durable, hard to break, and has a beautiful silhouette.

And above all, the elaborate and beautiful "goodness of making" that can only be produced by skilled handicrafts is attractive.

MoonStar's "refining principle" is maintained.

In order to create one shoe, based on the foot shape data accumulated over many years

Assemble a project, create a design, research and develop materials, analyze physical functions thoroughly,

Not only checking the comfort of the prototype, but also scrutinizing the quality with various inspection equipment,

You have to meet strict standards.

Furthermore, only products that have passed careful checks after being assembled on the factory line

It is delivered to customers as "MoonStar shoes". .