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shoecare survice

Shoe care service

Zalife's hidden service is a shoe care service.

To brush shoes, first brush off the dirt and dust that has entered the surface of the shoes and the gaps in the seams, then carefully wipe off the dirt on the surface with a special shoe cream, and then brush the cream that matches the color of the shoes. Gently polish it until it becomes glossy.
We accept not only business shoes but also ladies' shoes.

Cleans any dirt, mold, or odor that you care about.

My feet are sweating a lot. It is said that when sweat is decomposed by bacteria, a decomposed odor is generated, and if it is left as it is, an oxidative odor is generated due to oxidation, which causes odor. In addition, the inside of shoes is hot and humid, and the environment is prone to mold.
Cleaning with water keeps the shoes clean, and the fading of the surface is complemented to bring it back to life.

The amount starts from 2,500 yen.

It will be finished in 15 minutes at the shortest. It may take some time depending on the content, so you may contact us in advance. Please try it by all means.

Come to Zalife for shoe care! !!


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