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rasox japan


Lasox is a new shape of socks

I noticed the excess fabric on the instep that occurs when I put on socks.

"Isn't it because it doesn't fit the shape of your foot?"

The moment I was convinced that socks should be shaped for the wearer.

The line from the sole of the foot to the calf bends at a right angle at the ankle.

Lasox has been very particular about matching the shape of the socks to this natural line.

rasox system (patented registration, registered trademark) L-shaped integrally molded socks based on ergonomics Lasox is an L-shaped woven sock that is woven according to the upright chi, considering the shape of the foot that "exercises based on a right angle" One-piece knitted socks. Unlike conventional socks, it eliminates the slack in the instep and the stretching of the heel without pulling the back of the foot, and gives a soft fit feeling that is gently wrapped from the entire sock. "Goodness of making" is attractive.


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